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Uncle Sam's Kids

When Duty Calls


Daddy is deployed. What can we do to make the time pass quickly and show our support until he returns?

*Eat a piece of star candy each day-when they're all gone Daddy will be home!

* Write emails and letters.

*Send a Care SackPack with star shaped cookies and other goodies!

*We can welcome him how with the best banner ever!

Moving Again Mom

The family is moving across the country to live on a new base. They youngest child, Lil'M will miss her best friend, and worried it will be hard to make new friends when she arrives at her new home. 

* When do we get there and how will I make new friends?

What will we see along the way? Mom & Dad will make it an adventure!

* We can still keep our friends while we discover new people.

* Home is where my family lives!

Healing Heroes

Breezy finds out her best friend's Dad became physically disabled serving our country, she has mixed emotions of how to be a supportive friend.

* What if I don't know what to say to make her feel better?

* Discover how to help kids help people with special needs realize they can still participate in community!

*Show children how to take charge of their thinking and learn positive coping skills that lead to happy living!


First Lady, Laura Bush discussed 'Uncle Sam's Kids: When Duty Calls' with Caroline Kennedy on Meet The Press with Tim Russert!




I grew up on the Jersey Shore married a young marine at 19 years old and supported my spouse in service to the Marine Corp for over 30 years. Together we had three children and grew into a family of five. Home was wherever the Marine Corp sent us. My families' trials, tribulations, and joys become the catalyst for the popular children's books series Uncle Sam's Kids. The series addresses the fears and anxieties children and families experience during military life and how to use positive coping skills to bring about change in thinking and behavior.

For 20 years and counting  I taught at the collegiate level. My experience as an instructor at the United States Military Academy, West Point brought authenticity to the classroom as I shared my  life experiences in military family life. In 2003, my first book, "Uncle Sam's Kids When Duty Calls," was recommended by Former First Lady Laura Bush. The interview conducted by Tim Russet with guest Caroline Kennedy quoted Mrs. Mush saying "It is a great resource for families who want to know what it's like to serve." Uncle Sam's Kids Moving Again, Mom, the second book in the series, was selected by Bonnie Amos, wife of the 35th commandant of the Marine Corp was recommended reading. Her newest book, "Uncle Sam's Kids Healing Heroes, pays tribute to our brave wounded warriors and their families. "Healing Heroes" shows us how to use compassion and courage in the face of adversity. Overall, the Uncle Sam's Kids series addresses how to deal with worry, anger, detachment sadness and recovery while discovering the strength in family. and community. My Uncle Sam's Kids books are in alignment with my research on resiliency and positive copying skills in the real world.




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